Celebrating Our Volunteers – Jackie Zimmerman – Doing God’s Work

Jackie Zimmerman joined St. Mary’s at the Easter Vigil on April 3, 1999, the first Easter in the new building. She first attended St. Mary’s when her brother and sister-in-law were married in the old church in May 1977.
Several years later, she was looking for a church to join because she knew something was missing in her life. She was going through a hard time as a single mom and returned several times to attend Mass. She was always greeted as if she had grown up in the community.
“I love the way you can feel the Spirit move within St. Mary’s,” she said. “One saying that I first heard during the Father Tom years was ‘you never know what is going to happen at St. Mary’s; we just go with it.’ To me, this is proof that the Spirit is moving within our church family.”
When Jackie joined St. Mary’s, she was a single mother with two young children. She later had a beautiful baby boy, Philip, who was born with a terminal condition. The church lifted Jackie and her family up in prayer and supported them through the 6 months of Philip’s life. After Philip followed his calling to be home with Jesus, Jackie volunteered to run the nursery and found joy in spending time with the parish’s little ones so their parents could participate in Mass. Jackie joined the choir in the fall of 2000. Music has always spoken to her, and she felt called to sing.
“I often tell people that I receive messages from God through music,” she said.
Jackie expanded her volunteering over the years: She is a commentator at Mass, a Parish Council member, a member of St. Martin de Porres ministry, co-host of the Seder Meal with George Bachinski and, most recently, chairing a committee to plan a neighborhood block party this summer.
She said she volunteers to give back to the parish community that gives so much to others.
“We are called to help those in need,” Jackie said. “If someone is looking to get involved in something, the first thing I would tell them is to pray about it. Then ask questions of those around them at church. St. Mary’s has endless opportunities that come up when you least expect them and are right in front of you. Just jump right in!”
Thank you, Jackie, for your service!
Jackie Z at Seder
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