175th Jubilee Proclamation

175th Jubilee of St. Mary Mother of God Catholic Church

January 1, 2023

Whereas, in the year of Our Lord 1848, on the 29th of November, thirty German families marched in procession from St. Augustine Catholic Church to the corner of Lafayette Street and Jefferson Boulevard in Fort Wayne, Indiana to celebrate the creation of the new St. Mary Mother of God Catholic Church

Whereas, a larger brick church soon replaced the small frame church and was dedicated November 2, 1859

Whereas, a boiler explosion on January 13, 1886 led to the construction of an even larger worship space dedicated in 1887 that served the parish, the neighborhood, and the city for 108 years

Whereas, the current church complex, dedicated on May 2,1999 during the pastorate of Father Thomas P. O’Connor, continues to embrace the Faith in Action begun by the first families of St. Mary Mother of God parish, bearing witness beyond the church walls

Now, Therefore, I, Father Wimal Jayasuriya, Pastor of St. Mary Mother of God parish, do hereby declare the 18th of December, 2022 the commencement of the 175th Jubilee, and invite all people to join together to remember those who have gone before us, celebrate the work and worship of the present, and, united and ignited by Faith in Action, plan for the future with love, peace, hope, and joy.