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AIM Services

AIM Services, Inc. is an Internal Revenue Code 501(c) (3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization created for the purpose of fostering human dignity through experiencing the value of work. 

AIM Services began as a prayer group of men and women from various Christian religious backgrounds to address the vision of one of the members to bring the “dignity of work” to those who – for whatever reason – may never have had the opportunity to understand or fully embrace that concept.  The group initially considered providing a mechanism for direct employment (such as the establishment of a factory) but then opted for a less ambitious effort of concentrating on getting people to work by providing them adequate transportation at an affordable cost.  Since has no effective mass transit system, this effort was intended to meet the needs of working families who must transport children to daycare before starting their job.  It also broadens the types of work and the available shifts which may be worked.

Affordable transportation for the marginally employable is quite limited.  Some “buy-here / pay here” lots are notorious for selling cars with limited or non-existent warranties and high interest rates to those who are poor or may not have an established credit record.  This is our target audience.  Conventional car dealers are less interested in selling cars in the price range we anticipate (under $1,500.00).  AIM Services accepts donated automobiles – spending what is necessary to repair them to the point that they are both safe and reliable – and sells them to our target audience at a charge that is equivalent to, or slightly below, a “private party sale” market value.

The current goal of AIM Services, Inc. is to make available affordable and reliable transportation for the “marginally employable”, that is, persons who do not ostensibly possess or are able to demonstrate a steady or consistent employment history by reason of:

  • a pattern of welfare dependency;
  • a history of alcoholism and/or drug abuse or divorce attributable to marital abuse;
  • a recent release from incarceration; or
  • partial disability, handicap or mental impairment.

Once suitable candidates are identified, the cars are delivered and the paperwork completed.  AIM Services operates as a car dealership abiding by all laws applicable to such dealerships.  AIM pays sales tax to the state on all car sales.  AIM directly finances the buyers and charges no interest.  We have established safeguards to minimize the buyer churning the vehicle.  These include establishing a relationship with the group or agency which recommended the client to us, retaining the power of attorney for the vehicle and appropriate contract language to give us the right to re-possess the vehicle in case of persistent default in payments or misuse of the vehicle.
Q.  Why should I donate my car to AIM Services and not some other charity

A. We urge you to donate your car to any charity of your choice, not just AIM Services, rather than simply trade it in for minimal value from a dealer.  Check Edmunds.com to see how little your trade-in value will be.  Helping a charity’s work provides much greater financial and personal rewards. Q.  Is there any difference between AIM Services and other charities? A.       Yes.  AIM Services is both a tax-qualified charity and a licensed car dealership.  Most charities simply sell donated cars at auction and realize only a fraction of the value of the car.  AIM Services makes every effort to repair a car to bring it up to its standards of safety and reliability and then sells it at a fair price, without interest, to a person in dire need of basic transportation. 

Q.  Don’t I get the same tax deduction regardless of the charity to whom I choose to donate the car?

No.  The Internal Revenue Service is now closely monitoring donations of cars to charities.  If a charity sells your donated vehicle at auction, it must tell you what the sale price of the car was, less all sale expenses, and this is the amount that you can deduct from your taxes as a charitable donation if you itemize deductions.  Even if the charity sells the car at a private sale, it can only offer you as a deduction the actual sale price of the car.  You cannot claim a deduction in excess of $500.00 for your donation unless the charity provides you a Form 1098-C documenting a sale of the vehicle for more than $500.00.

Q.  How is AIM Services different?

A. The IRS makes an exception for charities that sell the vehicle “to a needy individual” at a price that is below market price and made for the purpose of furthering the organization’s charitable purpose.  In that case, the donor of the vehicle can deduct the fair market value of the vehicle at the time of the contribution.  The IRS has indicated that it will accept a “fair market value” determination from websites (such as Edmunds.com or kbb.com) that value used cars.  The “private party sale” numbers must be used and the condition of the car, its options and its mileage accurately and fairly stated.    

Ken Yahne, 484-1889 or review internet information available at aimservicesonline.org